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At Perth Pool Removal Guys we do just what our name suggests. We’re Perth’s pool removal and demolition experts, who specialise in removing all types of pools in any situation. Even the most challenging pool removal jobs are easy for our team of highly experienced earthworks specialists. As pool removal professionals, we not only take out your old pool, we also take it away, leaving you with a tidy, level site ready for your next landscaping or building project. At Perth Pool Removal Guys, we don’t leave mess, we leave memories of great service. We also leave you with a pristine, blank canvas for you to imagine your new and beautiful backyard.

Why Choose Perth Pool
Removal Guys?

Experts in pool removals

Removing pools in suburbs across Perth is what we do, all day, every day. That means we know every step in the process of taking out or demolishing your pool. Step-by-step, we’ve done it all before over many years. You can rest assured that we are experienced and equipped to deal with any situation, meaning a quick, clean job and a fresh new site.

All types of pools in any situation

In ground, above ground, fibreglass, concrete, beach entry or infinity edge – we have wide experience in removing all types of pools made from all materials. Challenging topography is no problem either. Our team of experienced earthmoving equipment operators have seen it all before and can take out and take away your old pool with no fuss and no mess.

Experienced earthworks specialists

There’s no substitute for experience when it comes to pool removal. We’ve been removing pools across Perth for many years. That’s why you can rely on Perth Pool Removal Guys and our team of experienced earthworks specialists to get the job done right, first time, every time. Our wide pool removal experience means we’re fast, efficient and reliable.

High level care

At Perth Pool Removal Guys, your satisfaction is our number one priority. We take out and take away your pool and leave only good memories behind – not to mention a clear, level and pristine site. It’s our dedication to providing high-quality customer service that sees our customers recommending us to family and friends who need backyard pool removal.

Our Pool Removals Services in Perth

Swimming Pool

Your pool has been demolished, and what remains is a variety of building materials that can include concrete, brick, pipes, fibreglass, vinyl, cables and machinery. Not to mention earth, rocks and rubble. At Perth Pool Removal Guys, we take away the remains of your old pool, leaving a clean site that’s ready for your new garden, lawn, landscaping, deck or construction project. You may even be putting in a new pool or spa! Getting rid of any type of waste can be a headache. Our pool removal service takes away all the remains of your old pool quickly and easily, leaving you with nothing more to do than plan your next backyard project.

Swimming Pool Demolition

When your old pool has passed its use-by date or no longer fits your lifestyle, Perth Pool Removal Guys offer a fast, friendly, and efficient pool demolition service that will help you move onwards and upwards in backyard living. Our professional team of earthmoving equipment operators have years of experience in demolishing your old pool, safely and quickly. We save you time and hassle by dismantling your old pool and clearing the site ready for your next pool or outdoor living project. We work quickly to minimise disruption to you and your neighbours, so you can get back to enjoying your backyard.

Types of Pools We Remove

Different pool types require different demolition styles. Here at Perth Pool Removal Guys, we have wide experience in demolition and removal of all types of pools across the Perth metropolitan area. One thing all pool demolition and removal jobs have in common is the need to take them out without damage to the surrounding yard and landscaping. So, whether your old pool, is fibreglass, concrete or vinyl-lined, we’ve got the expertise to tear it down and take it away quickly and easily. We also ensure that the remains of your old pool are disposed of responsibly at appropriate premises licensed to receive the various materials, allowing you to rest assured that your old pool causes minimal environmental impact.

concrete pools
fibreglass pools
vinyl pools

Our Pool Removal Process

The Trusted & Reliable Pool Removal Guys in Perth, WA!

Perth Pool Removal Guys is a proudly Perth-based business that started many years ago as an earthmoving company. After increasing requests for pool removal services by home owners across the Perth metropolitan area, we established a specialist pool demolition and removal business that has grown rapidly by word of mouth thanks to our amazing customers. We regard the opportunity to help you transform your outdoor living space as a privilege. It’s always gives us a huge sense of satisfaction to see the happiness on our clients’ faces when the job is complete and they are able to start on the next stage of their renovation or landscaping project.


How much space do I need?

You will roughly need 2m x 2m but for smaller, trickier spaces we have special equipment & will come out & assess the area before we begin works.

Do you supply an engineering certificate?

Yes, an engineer will come back to the site a day or so later to assess & give you an engineering certificate for your peace of mind.

Do you remove all types of pools?

Yes, we remove concrete, fibreglass & vinyl pools in any & all situations.

Don't choose the wrong Pool Removal company.

At Perth Pool Removal Guys our experienced team make it look easy to pull out an old pool and fill in the hole. Nothing could be further from the truth. It is difficult, dangerous and potentially deadly work. Many things can go wrong on what may be your backyard to you, but is actually a building site. Old pools that are emptied of water have the potential to break apart, sending heavy and sharp debris down on top of anyone inside. Pipes and cables also bring potential dangers. Once the pool is removed, the hole can become unstable and collapse tonnes of earth on top of whoever is working beneath. Then the waste needs to be removed and responsibly disposed of to help keep our environment safe. Refilling the hole brings its own risks, as advertisements offering clean fill can result in asbestos and rubble filled waste that pose health risks to your family and can make future landscaping or building projects, difficult, expensive or even impossible. Make sure you hire the pool removal industry experts. At Perth Pool Removal Guys we’ve been doing this work for a long time, all our team are experts at what they do and we stand by our work. Above all, never attempt pool demolition or removal yourself. Without specialist equipment and knowledge, it’s difficult, time-consuming and dangerous work that could cost you your life. The cost of trying to dispose of the waste is prohibitive by the time you hire a truck and pay disposal fees. Give us a call today and see how we can offer a cost-effective, safe, quick and simple way to demolish and remove your old pool.

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